putting design experts back in control.

Numericcal enables design of high-performance digital signal processing for timing-aware applications such as control and communication systems.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe that the current computational infrastructure is inadequate for development of timing-aware systems.
Numericcal aims to provide a highly transparent hardware/software design platform for productive design of high-performance numerical computation with predictable and repeatable timing characteristics.

Our Technology

Our Technology

Our target application space is high-performance control systems, such as the ones needed for realization of autonomous flying or driving. In this space, our technology offers a number of benefits.

Well Timed.

Absence of timing abstractions from mainstream computer architectures and compilers renders them inadequate for use in timing-aware systems.

Numericcal is attacking this problem head-on by developing adequate hardware and software support for timing aware application design. Using timing predictability and repeatability as design invariants we also achieve improved performance in our application domain.

Domain Expert in Control.

We are aware that the best optimization of any system comes from intimate knowledge of cross-layer tradeoffs and by leveraging domain-specific knowledge.

Transparent design tools provide domain experts with insights into structure and implementation tradeoffs of timing-aware computation. Using this information they can efficiently guide hardware and software implementation teams.

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